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Tutch reimagines the role and capability of stores using technology – and is launching right now

Ever wondered if there was some middle ground between Online Shopping and Foot Traffic? Well, Tutch seems to have found it. Tutch is a new SaaS ecosystem that connects traditional and digital experiences, forming a single and integrated service solution.

Beyond driving greater business efficiencies, the technologies found within the platform enhance an organisation’s ability to engage, educate and excite through every customer interaction and transaction. The technology connects customer behaviours in digital and traditional environments to help businesses craft a seamless service experience and bespoke marketing messages.

What Customers Want

In an interesting market research exercise last year, McKinsey & Co. identified that customers crave:

  • Inspiring moments rather than transaction points
  • Superior product discovery experiences
  • Personalisation of in store touchpoints
  • Self-checkout and mobile checkout
  • The role of self-serve for personal safety

Tutch’s large, 32-inch touchscreens deliver on each of these points and more. They integrate a retailer’s product catalogue, delivery options and payment channels into an instore solution that elevates the customer experience and enhances product merchandising to drive sales and productivity.

Importantly, they also act as transactional self-serve points allowing customers to avoid queues and even Buy Now Pay Later.

  The Grey Zone

And what this solution provides to retailers is a whole new era of actionable data. In short, Tutch operates in the grey area between online shopping and foot traffic – capturing data on scenarios and behaviours that never existed before!

Tutch enables retailers to capture actual customer search, upsell and purchase behaviour in real time from within the store and on an unprecedented scale. This hard data then informs demand-driven inventory planning, bundling recommendations and promotional offers. The retail store becomes a place to capture customer insights in a way that was not possible previously.

Large format retailers can transform their store into a giant immersive brand experience with information stations and purchase points embedded along the merchandising journey. As customers walk around the store, they can learn about products, search universal inventory, take advantage of matched products and specials deals, arrange delivery to their home, and pay for all of this without having to break the journey and go to the POS. All of this can be delivered in a self-serve or service assisted format.


We also provide game-changing instore data collection measuring consumer/product engagement levels on the shop floor.


Capture instore customer search and purchasing behaviour at scale across the chain.


Identify over/under indexing at category, subcategory and product level to quantity outperformance potential.


Improve instore inventory mix in line with customer search behaviour, maximising sales and financial performance.

Track your ROI and tweak marketing messages in real time to improve it further.


Customisable instore digital solution assisting to create a more seamless omni channel customer experience

Methodical in its trial of the technology ahead of hard launch, Tutch has been tested over a three-year period before commencing a 20-store trial this year with one of LFRA’s east coast members. And the initial results have been staggering – with insights gleaned from a never-before-seen behaviour from interactions with this technology that can only be described as sitting somewhere between online shopping and foot-traffic. This member has seen an uplift in customer interactions, has exceeded their sales targets and has access to newly generated behavioural insights. Tutch has also been used by a Sydney-based apparel retailer who has reported a 12% increase in basket size, 40%+ increase in sales, and 50%+ increase in GP.

Beyond these instore trials, Tutch is preparing to launch nationally this year. What are the potential benefits to your store?

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