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Beacon Lighting opens its largest ever Design Studio and reflects on the evolution of its stores

Beacon Lighting has recently opened its newest store in Belmont, Western Australia just in time for Christmas.

The 796m2 site offers customers the full range of products and the largest Beacon Design Studio in the country.

CEO Glen Robinson exclusively told Unwrap that “We wanted to make sure that the offering inside the store matches the significance and awe of the exterior of the store.”

The Beacon Design Studio is a premium lighting design service using a unique software program designed exclusively for Beacon Lighting.

“We create a customised lighting plan with suggested designs, placement and fitting along with a detailed quote for the recommendations,” explained Mr Robinson.

“A lot of people think that lighting is functional, but it is so much more than that.

“It can really change the way you live or feel in your home.

“When we sit down with the customer, the results the Design Studio specialists can achieve are just incredible,” said Mr Robinson.

Beacon Lighting’s reputation as the experts in lighting, ceiling fans and light globes strengthened with the introduction of the Design Studio service in February 2017.

“The Design Studio added so much more value to our customer experience,” affirmed Mr Robinson.

“People don’t buy lighting regularly so when they’re looking to buy it can be quite overwhelming for them.

“So having skilled lighting designers in these Design Studio stores relieves a lot of the stress. It can also open the customer’s mind to what they can achieve with the right lighting,” concluded Mr Robinson.

The Belmont store is Beacon Lighting’s 113th store, and much has changed and evolved over the past 51 years.

Glen revealed that it was not until the early 1990s that Beacon Lighting started opening larger stores.

“Opening super stores allowed us to position ourselves as a destination for lighting,” reflected Mr Robinson.

Over the past decade Beacon Lighting has experimented with store sizes including opening smaller stores again, with some being 500m2.

“What we’ve found is that it was difficult to showcase the full product offering and create that excitement the larger stores naturally have,” said Mr Robinson.

“So now we are taking a different approach.

“Rather than filling gaps in the market with smaller stores, squeezing one here, squeeze one there, our thought process is if we’re going to open a store we have to do it properly so we can create that excitement for the customer.

“We learnt that if people were in the market for lighting, they would make the effort to travel to one of these larger, more inspiring stores.

“So, I guess that’s the direction of where our stores is going.

“Beacon Lighting is looking to create more of these super stores – these lighting destinations which can provide a more rewarding and exciting shopping experience to our customers,” concluded Mr Robinson.

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