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A Family Bond Grows Stronger

MPG Funds Management Ltd are pleased to announce a significant change to the structure of its business effective 1 January 2020.

Trevor Gorman will increase his role operationally, moving from Chairman to Executive Chairman of MPG following his retirement from the McMullin Group where he held the position of Managing Director for 25 years.

Established in 2002, MPG Funds Management evolved from a conversation between Trevor and his son Brett, who was working in the corporate advisory world, about leveraging the development expertise and pipeline properties of the McMullin Group to provide investment opportunities to a broad range of investors. 17 years later, the business has matured and now sources all property opportunities independently.

A sustained period of growth has seen the specialist Property Funds Manager grow to over $700m in funds under management and with a need of further resources and support, so the timing was right for Trevor to increase his involvement.

Trevor’s new role/further commitment adds to the Gorman family’s involvement and ownership of the business, with son Brett Gorman and daughter-in-law Andrea Gorman acting as Managing Director and COO respectively since the business inception.

Trevor’s property development skillset will be well utilised – adding value to existing properties held by MPG as well as exploring new development opportunities.

The move also creates a partnership between the Gorman and McMullin families, both of whom possess extensive property experience and the proven ability to manage the family work dynamic.

For Brett and Andrea, it is a change that is super exciting both personally and professionally.

“Trevor has been a key component of MPG’s success to date however his time has been shared between his role as our Chairman and Managing Director the McMullin Group of Companies. We are thrilled that he is choosing to play a greater role in the growth of MPG and it is exciting to have increased access to his experience and leadership”

MPG Funds Management’s open investment opportunities include the MPG Retail Brands Property Trust which targets well known retail brands including Bunnings, Coles and Woolworths and the MPG Regional Cities Property Trust which targets government and social infrastructure properties in growing regional locations.


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