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Mike Fried, Beaumont Tiles

Mike Fried, LFRA Treasurer and  Finance Director, Beaumont Tiles

Mr Fried is a Chartered Accountant, with a Bachelor of Arts in Accountancy. Mr Fried currently sits on the LFRA Board as a Director and Treasurer.

He is currently one of two Independent Directors of the Board of R J Beaumont & Co Pty Limited, an organization headquartered in Adelaide, and that has grown to become Australia’s largest retailer of tiles, bathroom ware and tiling tools, with over 110 stores and 5 distribution centres.

Mr Fried was responsible in opening Australia’s first Athlete’s Foot store in 1976. Being the first store to open outside the USA, led the way to an international franchising chain with stores in France, Canada, Austria, Greece, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Mr Fried resides in Adelaide with his wife; they have three children and four grandchildren.

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